Our Manipulated Shared Reality, The Attack Against Freedom.

Who gets popular and why? Who gets censored. Who gets investigated who gets ignored. Who picks the winners and losers. What kind of mechanism would be needed to enable such control on a mass scale. The money needed, the secrecy, collaboration. It’s like a shadow government. One that is carefully choreographing the political atmosphere. The topics we fight over, the enemy’s we hate, the issues each side adopts. When everything becomes electronic like voting for instance, how much easier is it to manipulate a diebold machine vs an old paper ballet? It’s like the difference between local news papers and Facebook. The more technically sophisticated it gets the easier it is to hide the manipulation the easier it is to lose important voices in the noise. Centralization, concentration of power enables an increasingly small amount people direct control over your reality, what you think is real and what is not.

The brainwashing the the average person in our society goes through is enormous. It has created an army that gives it’s consent while also providing the labor to enforce to build the system that enslaves them. The same system that they go out and protest against. The same system that imprisons them unjustly with kangaroo courts with agents that have a political motive. A system that loves show trials and making an example. A system that exploits them at every turn, colleges that indoctrinate not educate, a debt based system that keeps people on a leash working two jobs just to survive.

People spend most of their time in the matrix in the mindset of the TV working for someone else and only taking two weeks a year for themselves at some resort from the TV. So much of what they do is just running in a hamster wheel. What people talk about is brainwashing from the latest TV show or the carefully manipulated talking points from deep state operators. It’s a theater that they can never stop watching or understand because in every direction they look it’s just the theater of the mind that they have been programmed with. A hologram reality that is projected by their interpretation of the world, one they enforce on others.

People are always trying to conform to look like everyone else to make sure they aren’t the oddball standing out for everyone to make fun of. They are conditioned to look to authority to understand events not to think for themselves. They need to be their own news presenter, gather intelligence themselves from the evidence and come to their own conclusions. Follow the leader is a death march toward tyranny, it ends in pain and suffering.

Prison is a place no one should ever be in unless they’re actually hurting people. Even then society has a responsibility to help them as they are a product of society. Filling prisons is sick, it’s evil, how someone can cage another human being for 20 years for taxes or drugs is insane. How they feel justified in doing it is even worse. An entire system of threats waiting to fall on each one of us with no mercy and people think its just suppose to be this way, that it has to be or society will collapse. In childhood we hit we steal we do all sorts of things that if an adult did they would go to prison for years. We didn’t need years in jail to reform us. How much more damage is the system doing than it’s fixing? Being number one in prison population per capita is not something to brag about, its failure. If the elite could get away with it they would put us all in prison but that would be to obvious. The prison planet is what they’ve designed and what YOU are helping them build by your acquiescence, your acceptance of the status quo.

They know at a certain point they will go so far that the firearms our forefathers cemented into our constitution will come out to defend our natural rights. They know premeditatedly that they are going to push people so far beyond what they can tolerate that they will use those firearms to defend themselves. The second amendment, the semi-auto rifles are the main target now as they still are a check against government power, no matter how many tanks or drones they have. This entire system is being designed around ensuring that number one an uprising does not occur, but number two if it does that it can be crushed quickly. A small elite can only rule over the masses if they are unaware or unable to resist. Now that we’re aware of them they’re starting to compensate by making it infinitely harder to resist, both digitally and physically. Creating division with right vs left politics, radicalizing both sides. Creating a situation where no one is happy and no one wins except government who always gets bigger and more powerful. Government that’s owned by the elite, the corporations.

The chemical soup we live in can be blamed for a lot of the infertility, the hormonal change in men towards lower testosterone. The fluoride lowering IQ’s, the soy, the plastics estrogenizing men making them more docile. This isn’t just random capitalistic profit motives taking their course. Some of it is intentional like the vaccines, the Monsanto GMO’s. They’ve created ways into our body’s, covert channels they can stream change into. The most resistant, the most aware of us are going to be targeted specifically as we’re not being hit like the rest. Covertly altered in minute ways over time to correct us back into the norm of the herd or wipe us out.

The culture, the laws are making sure that even the slightest micro aggression’s are corrected resulting in further emasculated men and compliant women. The prisons contain the rest, the outlaws that won’t comply. Those that would fight back will be so few that even a modest surveillance system could keep the damage to a minimum. Even so the NSA and the corporations have joined together to create a surveillance grid that enables them to track every human being. The new 3D face scanners that can be easily fooled when the fingerprint scanners were more secure is only one example but an important one.

The Dark Net is a Hollywood writers catch all for a shadowy realm where people can meet securely, beyond the reach of government. In reality Tor and those services are constantly being compromised by intelligence agency’s. The fact that they don’t take down every objectionable site isn’t evidence of incompetence or lack of capability. It’s how intelligence works, like cracking the enigma machine in WW2. They monitor and track covertly even though people may die, they still won’t betray their advantage. They spend as much on cyber capability as they do on stealth fighter projects, black budget. They want their targets to think it’s aliens attacking, it’s that far advanced. Imagine attacking an air gaped computer by manipulating microchips to emit RF that a nearby iPhone could pick up and relay back via 4G. Hacking a cell phone without a sim card because the baseband radio was simply turned on. Implanting or replacing microchips through the mail or walking in your home past your new state of the art security system to replace or implant.

End to end encryption like Signal can’t be decrypted on the wire. They have to hack an endpoint, a device on either end of the conversation to see what’s being discussed. Something not talked about is NSA’s ability to track those conversations even through Tor or VPN’s. The Signal server is not a .onion nor is the direct connection 100% through Tor, it exits and reenters the Tor network. The end points metadata can be collected and tracked down to the handsets talking to each other. Every conversations metadata. Trying to disappear in this environment is not as easy as, “use Signal use Tor”.

Even shedding all of our electronics, our identity, our credit cards we won’t be able to survive in their nightmare for long without being tracked down. That’s the point, control, being able to keep tabs on the livestock while sorting out the trouble makers. Making sure that none of them turn into wolves to challenge the ruling mega rich, the political elite, the entrenched government workers. As it’s only wolves that will slip their net.

Docile, complaint workers that have no ability to defend themselves, no ability to leave, to disappear, to live as an individual or groups of individuals with a different way of life. No exits no choices just a continuous stream of human compliance into the chutes of the corporate borg. Prison for all except those born into controlling the herd. Remember who government serves, they serve the wishes of corporations who you work for. Their only concern is to maximize profits not to enrich your life. Letting them win is to your detriment, its you accepting less as a human being, less freedom, fewer experiences, more work, more control over you. The cage is real, it’s digital, it’s chemical, it’s mental, it’s physical, it’s all around you. The Matrix has you Neo, free your mind…

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