Welcome To The Real World

The future we’re headed towards is one where the authoritarians have absolute control over your life. Every app every device backdoored or vulnerable the entire public brainwashed informants. A future where government agents tasked with enforcing the laws are nothing more than political commissars. Agents equipped with all the latest tools and a never ending budget to attack you for the rest of your life. When you hail an Uber when you ride on an airplane when you book a hotel if you have any predictability or give them any advanced notice the driver the passenger the people in the room next to you will be feds or paid informants. That girl on Tinder that guy that chatted you up in a chat room or on social media will turn out to be nothing more than a federal lacky covertly interrogating you blocking you censoring your world limiting your ability to even connect with anyone but who they want. The future is one where no one can trust anything or anyone.

Not to mention that surveillance device in your pocket that covertly records whats said near it all day, where you are, everything done on that device. The nightmare is building up steam it’s there now in a primitive form they’re using it, testing. Certain individuals classified as hostile or otherwise are the test subjects. These tactics and technology are not for law enforcement they’re for controlling elements of society that challenge the power of the ruling class the control of the social engineers the authority of the lawless federal agency’s. It’s all for those nails that stick out and can’t be hammered back in easily. Their goal is to over a long period of time to correct these behaviors drip by drip like Chinese water torture to operantly condition you to stop what your doing. To reward other behaviors like the Chinese social credit system does but much more covertly. Like the torturers in Abu Ghraib they use psychology as a weapon.

When an individual won’t comply with their coercion and becomes a disruptive influence on their control the authoritarians begin multiple investigations infiltrations against them and their circle. They first try to isolate their subjects then social engineer them to do what they want. If unsuccessful they will try to get the target to destroy themselves. If the gestappo can’t use the courts or prisons to contain them then the tactics take a further turn towards the dark side. With a very resistant target they may even resort to mind altering drugs to make them vulnerable to their tactics. Psychology, psyops, deception is their main tool against everyone their targets and the public.

The intelligence agency’s the spooks the feds have been converted into what amounts to a technocracy a population control system a secret Praetorian guard thats being referred to as the deep state. It’s global it’s an interwoven set of relationships and shared goals. Controlling the masses like cattle. Growing obedient tax slaves that will support them. The schools socialized with no child left behind. The colleges brainwashing centers of the socialists. The media a projection of the deep states official version of reality, twisting everyones mind. Training compliance conditioning them into docile domesticated members of the politically correct mindset. A mindset based on emotion on authority. They want to get into your life as much as possible and stay there in total control. What you think what you do what you dream about. They want to know your desires before you do to use your fear of terrorism, crime or Eastasia as a weapon of acceptance of their dominance, their usefulness to society.

The participants of this system derive their personal power from the system they administer. They feel apart of it and thus are comfortable no matter how outrageous it gets. They defer their decisions to authority above them and dream of becoming that authority. When the system is challenged they feel threatened for the system and react accordingly. They will break the law to protect THEIR system their government that they see as daddy. In their own lives out side work they have little control their kids don’t listen and slam the door in their face their significant other cheats they get speeding tickets just like you. When they’re at work they become much bigger than themselves with control over everything. The ability to manipulate someones life like the sims video game. Watching them everyday like a drama on TV. How addicting it must be to literally watch someone while they think no ones watching and control them via remote control with psychology with tactics learned over decades of hands on experience.

I know what you’re thinking, that there’s no way this could be going on, that media or maybe an insider would expose it all, that they would slip up. In fact they do, many little pieces of this system leak out all the time, they make mistakes and people they use their power on write things just like this. Your mind is a very powerful weapon thats been demilled and deactivated by their conditioning otherwise you would see and experience what I do. Just by being able to look at the world with the glasses on is enough reason for them to come after someone and try to exert their will. I’m not trying to scare you but I am trying to get you prepared for the future because there is no quick fix for this. We can’t get the public to listen as we can’t get the media to tell the truth. We can’t get our elected officials to wave a magic wand and make them stop as they’re really not in control even the president of the United States who himself is still under the same surveillance. The answer is knowing it’s there and sharing the knowledge with others. If we can keep the internet free and secure our lives we can keep making small advances like those who came before us have. Think long term not about the next election but what your children will believe. What industry or vocation they will go into that will help challenge this control. Dismantle it brick by brick and live free they hate that the most.

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